Friday, July 29, 2016

Surprising Tips!

Over my time on Poshmark, I've learned some surprising tips that are not known or advertised often. I hope that sharing some of these tips will help you out!

  • A listing can only be shared once to a party. This means that sharing a listing multiple times through out the two hour course of a party is pointless! Your listing will only show up the first time you shared it--so don't waste your time! Also, this means that sharing other Poshers listings to parties is pointless too, so just share others listings to your followers, and not to parties!
  • Host Picks are only chosen in the afternoon and night time parties. Morning parties are hosted by Poshmark employees, and they do not choose Host picks for these parties! So if you're going to spend time sharing to morning parties, these listings are only going to be seen by people who are shopping the parties!
  • Items that you lower prices for only notify people who "liked" the listing if you lower the price by 10% or more. So make sure you're lowering items by more than 10% so people who liked the listing get notifications in their newsfeeds if that's what you want.
  • Items get discounted shipping if you lower an item by more than 10% of the lowest price its ever been listed. So if you originally list an item for $50, then lower it to $48 after a week, then lower it again to $43 after another week, your item will not get discounted shipping because $46 is not 10% less than $50. You would have to lower your item to $45 or less in order to get discounted shipping.
  • Listing an item will get that item to show up at the top of search listings. To "list" an item again, go to the items page, click "edit" and then click "list." If you then go to "search," and search for that brand and category, you should see your listing at the top of the search results. "sharing" an item to your followers will not make your item show up at the top in search results. This is a good trick to use for items that people typically search for, such as "Coach bags," "MAC Lipstick" or "Michael Kors Shoes." 
  • When you search for a specific item, only your sizes will show up in the search results. Poshmark asks users to tell them their sizes in all categories, so they save your personal sizes. If you're looking for a gift for a friend who is a size large, and you're a size small, then searching for "Free People Dress" will only yield results for Free People dresses in a size small. So make sure you refine your search results to include the sizes you're searching for.
  • Take photos on your phone under the "Square" photo size setting. Poshmark photos fit perfectly under the square size, so you won't have to worry about cropping the photo when you upload it to Poshmark!
Have any other tips you want to share? Please let me know!

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  1. I have a question about sharing! I've noticed that some hostesses will pick items that have been shared, or choose someone that is "sharing a lot" during the party (whether it is their own closet or another). Is this untrue, or has it changed since there have been updates to poshmark?