Friday, December 7, 2018

The BEST Cost Saving Secret

Learn how to:

       Never leave your home to ship or buy shipping materials. 
       Never pay money to buy boxes or tape again.

I didn't learn these tips until pretty recently, and most people don't know about them (or believe me when I tell them about it)! 

Save on overhead costs with these ESSENTIAL TIPS for packaging, shipping and mailing:

  • Don't buy boxes or leave your house to get boxes from the post office! Order your priority mail boxes online at USPS.COM for FREE and get them shipped free to your home! Be sure to order "PRIORITY MAIL" boxes, NOT "priority flat rate" or "regional rate" or "priority express."
  • Try to order boxes that have self adhesive tape (it says in the descriptions online). They're a lot easier and don't require any extra packing tape to seal!
  • Don't buy packing tape again! USPS has FREE tape strips that can seal your packages, shipped straight to your home for free! Or, even better- order self adhesive boxes that don't require tape! 
  • Order FREE clear plastic self-adhesive address label holders shipped free to your home. All you need to do is print the address labels that Poshmark emails you on regular printer paper, fold it and place it inside the plastic address label holder. Then just peel and stick them onto the box! I used to buy expensive clear packaging tape to seal my boxes and tape on address labels. It was such a waste of money because I went through tons of rolls of $4 packing tape every month!    
  • Don't waste time at the post office ever again! Instead, schedule online package pickups for FREE! They even have a phone app that makes it super easy to schedule pick USPS from your phone! (Download the USPS phone app here). I'm not sure if this feature is available everywhere in the US, but it works from my apartment building in LA. I just use my USPS app to schedule a pickup the day before I want it shipped. I leave the box in my apartment lobby for the postal carrier to pick up when he drops off the mail. That's it! So easy- and I don't have to waste time going to the post office, or waiting in line! You will immediately get a confirmation email from USPS that confirms the pickup! 
I wish I knew some of these things sooner because I wasted a lot of money, energy, and time. I hope these tips help you all out, too! 

Package Your Items With Care:

Overall, remember to keep your overhead costs low, otherwise you won't be making any money off your sales! But be sure to still package your orders with care, and deliver high quality service if you want return customers.

Thank you cards and nice wrapping paper cost a lot, and can eat up profits, especially with cheaper sold items-after all, this is a business! 

I package my orders with tissue paper (from TJ Maxx or dollar stores), wrap it with baking twine (from Target dollar section) and reuse saved bubble wrap or newspapers for fragile items. I also like to include a small Thank You tag that I stamp on some cut out card stock.

Do you have any tips for saving on overhead costs? Let us know! 

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